This is a timeline chronicling major events of Galactic History.

27,633 BBYEdit

896 BBYEdit

200 BBYEdit

112 BBYEdit

60 BBYEdit

55 BBYEdit

48 BBYEdit

39 BBYEdit

35 BBYEdit

  • Clone Wars end.
  • A dark period of corruption and social injustice that sweeps the Old Republic begins.

29 BBYEdit

18 BBYEdit

0 BBYEdit

3 ABYEdit

4 ABYEdit

  • Galactic Civil War ends.
  • Battle of Endor occurs. 
  • Following the deaths of Darth Vader and the Emperor at the Battle of Endor, the Rebel Alliance formed a New Republic over much of the galaxy. 

6 ABYEdit

9 ABYEdit

10 ABYEdit

  • Remnants of the Empire have regained strength and reclaimed the majority of worlds, including the city-world of Coruscant. Now a civil war within the resurgent Empire has erupted, and the New Republic has seized the opportunity to increase confusion.
  • Anakin Solo is born on Nespis VIII.

19 ABYEdit

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